Bringing a Desert Oasis to Life

Canyon Pondscapes is a company that is dedicated to provide beautiful outdoor waterfalls and ponds to any size yard at the most affordable price.

FX Outdoor Lighting

FX LogoCanyon Pondscapes now installs low voltage landscape lighting from FX Luminaire.

When it comes to bringing a piece of that backwoods retreat home to you, Canyon Pondscapes are the experts. We are in the business of installing beautiful, self-contained, all natural water features. We know that a pond must be constructed right in order for it to be the low maintenance, backyard paradise you long for. We know that the key is to work with Mother Nature, and never against her.

Certified RainXchange Professional - Rainwater Harvesting Systems

By living in a desert water is always an important topic. Mother Nature allows us to have around 12" of rain a year. Although that doesn't sound like very much you would be surprised. Instead of directing a majority of the rainwater into storm drains only to be channeled to the oceans why not capture and use it in our daily lives. From watering the plants to topping off swimming pools, ponds, and other water features to flushing the toilets. Best of all, there are no ugly cisterns or plastic tanks to look at. All you see is a beautiful water feature. Canyon Pondscapes is proud to add rainwater harvesting to our products and services using RainXchange™. Click for rainwater harvesting details and facts...

NEW! Aquascape Rain Barrels

Canyon Pondscapes introduces the new Aquascape™ Rain Barrel. Priced at $249.99 and delivery is available. Contact us for more information.

  • It's SIMPLE. The RainXchange™ Rain Barrel can be incorporated into existing gutter and drainage systems.
  • It's RESPONSIBLE. Water restrictions do not apply to rain barrels. Storing rain water allows you to keep gardens growing during watering restrictions and reduce the burden for municipal water.
  • It's BENEFICIAL. Rain water is better for plants than municipally treated water.

Aquascape Rain BarrelAquascape Rain Barrel

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Canyon Pondscapes is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). CAC's are the most highly trained water feature builders in the world, and have been recognized by Aquascape, the industry-leading supplier of low-maintenance aquatic ecosystems.

We use the Aquascape system, which leads the naturalistic movement in pond construction, for all of our water features. With tens of thousands low maintenance aquatic paradises functioning successfully around the country, you know that if you’re going to do it, you want to do it with an empirically proven Aquascape product. Canyon Pondscapes has the know-how and design expertise to make this dream become a reality. So let us show you what a rewarding and easy experience it is to bring that backwoods retreat home!